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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission focused on physical, mental, and emotional well-being via the development of the human-animal bond. We strive to create positive changes throughout Iowa communities by providing, promoting, and supporting human-animal interactions and health, wellness, and educational opportunities

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Our Executive Director:
Haylee Bergeland
call: 515-724-8669
email: ihabs.director@gmail.com
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Our Mission

Our mission: ​  ​To be a valued provider of animal assisted interventions (AAI) to Iowa skilled nursing and long-term care communities, residential care communities, hospice, mental health care and counseling facilities, rehabilitation facilities, public libraries, and schools. IHABS is a valuable resource to Iowa school systems, providing human-animal bond educational opportunities, animal safety programming, and animal assisted education. We support research initiatives focused on the human-animal bond, demonstrating the wide-reaching positive effects of human-animal interactions.  We strive to be a source of attainable education and support and, through our programming and services, to promote the benefits of registered therapy animal teams and human-animal interactions as a means to improve health and well-being while advocating for the professionalization of animal assisted interventions. We are an advocate for volunteering within care communities with the intent of increasing the volunteer population within the state of Iowa.  We endeavor to create a strong sense of community and partnership between those we serve, our partners and supporters, volunteers, and registered therapy animal teams.  

We are located in Des Moines but look to serve all of Iowa as we grow.

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