IHABS Society

The Iowa Human-Animal Bond Society (IHABS) is committed to teaching your animal companion via fear-free, force-free, pain-free, coercion-free learning processes and behavioral science. To that end, we want to support our teams, clients and partners that are committed to regularly teaching and learning with their animal companion. Through our IHABS Society program you can earn discounts on classes, seminars, select workshops & courses, and have access to "society only" special events. This is a great way to begin your teaching & learning journey with a young puppy or future therapy dog as you can get access to a discount on all your learning events! Join us and helps us spread the joys of learning!

How does it work?

For once a year fee of $50 you get a 20% discount code to use on regularly scheduled classes, seminars, workshops, and other events

How do I join?

Click the the button below. Once your registration is approved you will receive an email with the discount code. This code is exclusive to IHABS Society and can only be used by those who join.

*You do not have to join to register for our public educational offerings. This is a benefit program open to anyone interested in regularly participating in our educational opportunties.*